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The Arts

The Arts

Visual Arts

St. Ann Art class is a place where students learn to use critical thinking skills as they explore, discuss, contemplate and create. The goal of St. Ann’s art department is to lay the foundation for a life-long appreciation for the arts. We strive to prepare our students to excel in the most rigorous high school art programs.

Art class at St. Ann-Bartlett is an adventure that combines the elements and principles of art with state standards and enduring themes that challenge students to draw on prior knowledge and personal experience in order to solve visual problems. Students explore concepts such as identity, community, humans and nature, heroes and heritage and visual communication just to name a few. Many units are inspired by grade level studies and children’s literature as well as artists and cultures from around the world and throughout history. Art production and working with a variety of mediums adds complexity and fun to the learning process. Students create clay vessels and sculptures, weavings made from a variety of materials, printmaking (including incised plates, original stamping and marbleizing), drawings, paintings, mixed media, and collaborative projects all while learning and applying the principles of design. You will be amazed at what our students can do!

Our students participate in a variety of local art contests and the annual Diocesan sponsored spring art exhibition at St. Francis hospital. St. Ann has recently been privileged to host several traveling art exhibits made possible by our active Art Club featuring the life and work of notable artists such as Leonardo DaVinci, Henri Rousseau, Vincent Van Gogh, Mary Cassatt and MC Escher. We are looking forward to a new year of exciting developments and innovative projects.


The St. Ann band


Colts Chorus is the auditioned choir that is available to 7th and 8th grade students. Auditions are held in the spring for singers that want to learn about singing and performance and to represent St. Ann School in the community. Rehearsals are held during the regular school day and all performances are mandatory attendance for a satisfactory grade. The choir will perform a variety of genres and styles of music as well as learn basic music theory and vocabulary. Colts Chorus also forms the choir for the school masses.


Students are required to provide their own uniform following the basic rules;

Girls…Black or navy skirt, pants or dress. If wearing a skirt or pants a black or white sweater, blouse or shirt may be worn. Skirts should be to the knee or below. No bare shoulders or backs.

Boys…Black or navy slacks, white shirt with tie.