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"I have two daughters at St. Ann Catholic School. What can I say about my daughter’s being at this school is that every time I drop them off it’s like if I dropped them at my house because I know they are in good hands. It is an excellent school in academics and in religion. I like how the teachers are good role models for children. All of them are always ready to help the students and families with a smile on their face. I like how the students respect each other. I also like how the staff and faculty help the parents to enroll the children in this school even though we can’t pay a lot, they try their best to have our children in this school. I can also see they did an excellent job with the whole covid19 situation. The teachers worked their best every day to stay in contact with the students and helping them with their education. It was an amazing year, I thank God for this opportunity for my girls to be at this school."
Rosaura Granados

"Our family is truly blessed to have St. Ann school in our lives.  My husband and sister-in-law both went to St. Ann's before going to St. Benedict at Auburndale where I met them both.  When Peter and I decided to start our family, we knew that we wanted the best education for our child.  Megan started at the Parent's Day Out program in the senior 2s class with Ms. Maribel.  The PDO program did a phenomenal job of starting her education path.  She was more than ready to start Kindergarten after her 3 years in PDO.  Her love for her faith has grown exponentially and truly blossomed with her First Communion this year.  Yes, it was delayed, but that's what we had to do.  Her reverence for the Virgin Mary is something wonderful to see.  

What strikes me is that every teacher knows my daughter's name.  Just think about that.  Every teacher on our campus knows my kid.  They can see if she's exemplifying the Catholic faith and when she needs correction.  I don't think you can find that same wonderful feeling that your child is truly being watched out for anywhere else. I'm especially proud of how Mr. Aur and the school responded so quickly to this unforeseen epidemic.  We had class work, Kindles, emails set up, and communications from the school the Sunday before they were to go back after Spring Break.  To know that our educators care so much about our children learning is one of the best things about St. Ann's.  I know other families in this state and others whose public schools just let the kids coast.  Our school kept our children engaged and gave some normalcy to this strange time.

We are forever thankful and grateful to St. Ann!"
Beth, Peter, and Megan Keltz

“I have thoroughly enjoyed our last 10 years at St. Ann and always wish the best for the school and its families. There is no price I could put on what St. Ann has given my family. The combination of caring and giving teachers, administrators and parents makes St. Ann truly a special place. The friendships and bonds we have made will not change because of distance.”
Wade Williams and Family


"When my daughter started at St. Ann, she was going through a tough time.  She was withdrawn, had low self-esteem, and was just generally unhappy.  After only a couple of months, we saw significant change.  Over the course of the year and half she spent there, she made new friends, became involved in school and extracurricular activities, regained her passion for art, became more confident, and learned to be content and find happiness within herself.  The support, love, and mentorship she received from her teachers, principal, and counselor were beyond what I could have ever imagined.  I have always heard 'it takes a village to raise a child' and the folks at St. Ann jumped right in and provided the extra support and love my child needed during a challenging time.  

Before entering St. Ann, she was beginning to question her faith.  Her religion teachers empowered her to explore and question her faith and beliefs, provided her with education and compassionate spiritual guidance, and then encouraged her to explain and defend her beliefs.  This process of teaching was incredibly impactful.  This style not only helped to lay a solid foundation of her knowledge of the faith, but provided her with tools and freedom she needed to be secure in her beliefs. The decision to send my daughter to St. Ann was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  I wish she could stay there through high school!"
Michelle Clark 

"We came to St. Ann in the fall of 2010 when our son Cody was in 4th grade. We are beginning our third year and what a difference St. Ann has made in our lives. From the moment we arrived at St. Ann we knew we were in a special place. The faculty and staff welcomed us and the teachers have been nothing but outstanding! The people at St. Ann are kind, respectful, and truly put the success of each individual child first. We have made life long friendships and are blessed to be part of the St. Ann family.

Since being at St. Ann, not only has our son grown academically but he has grown spiritually, socially, and has confidence in himself like never before. He enjoys going to school and he feels comfortable with his teachers and friends. It’s nice to know that your child is in a safe learning environment, making friends, and is being given every opportunity to succeed. The teachers and staff are excellent with communication and always have time to discuss your concerns or needs. They also treat children with respect, listen to them, and care for their well being. As parents there is nothing better than that.

St. Ann School truly fulfills their mission statement by producing students who are responsible, productive, and faith filled. We have witnessed this personally over the past three years and feel lucky to have been a part of it. St. Ann’s faculty, staff, and teachers have made a difference in our child’s life and we would like to thank them for all they do!!"
Billy and Jennifer Goodnight

"I feel so grateful and blessed that all three of my children have spent their entire elementary school years at St. Ann. Two of my three kids have graduated from St. Ann, and my youngest son will be in the eighth grade this year. I can honestly say St. Ann School is our home. The faculty and staff genuinely care about each student, and their well- being. St. Ann provides an education that challenges as well as motivates each student. The activities and curriculum give each child the opportunity to have and feel success in and outside of the classroom. St. Ann helps each child grow as a person and most importantly in their faith. This is a school based on the love for Jesus Christ, and the love for each other. This is why I am so proud and happy to say my children are a part of the St. Ann family."

“When our daughter Emma was in the 4th grade, we started looking for a private school that could meet her special needs academically, yet provide the nurturing environment for her to grow spiritually as well. We prayed for guidance and support through this search and with the assistance of friends decided to attend an Open House at St. Ann. Well, it was love at first sight! We filled out the paperwork and crossed our fingers that Emma would be accepted and, needless to say, were thrilled that she was welcomed with open arms.

How do you put into words the joy and love expressed to my child through each staff member at St. Ann? The staff is simply amazing and the personal attention to academics is strong and clear cut with tutoring opportunities that mirror the staff’s dedication. As a public educator myself, I realize that one of the most important aspects of teaching does not come from an academic textbook, but through our guidance and building of character. Within the walls of St. Ann, they are accomplishing Jesus’ teachings every day through modeling, guiding, and shaping of each beautiful mind and spirit.

We are so thankful God guided us to this institution that has ignited my daughter’s faith and love of school, has quelled our worries for her well being, and lead her and our family to beautiful experiences and relationships through the love of our Lord.”
Scott and Lezlie Shelton