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Mission Statement

St. Ann Athletic Mission Statement

The St. Ann catholic school athletic program exists for the sole benefit of the students. The focus is a christ-centered program with emphasis on catholic gospel values for all pre-kindergarden through eighth graders. Athletics is an integral part of the total academic environment provided by the school and strives to develop the lifetime skills of leadership, sportsmanship, teamwork, competition, and the ability to win and lose gracefully. Our goal is to develop and improve student-athletes’ bodies, minds and spiritual beings into strong, contributing members of the school, parish community, and society.

St. Ann Athletic Philosophy

St. Ann catholic school considers participation in athletics to be an integral part of the overall educational experience. The competition of athletics challenges each student-athlete to strive for excellence which helps them to discover their physical limits and requires them to work cooperatively as a member of a team. While wining is a natural and worthwhile goal, the principles of good sportsmanship and enjoyment of competition take precedence at all times. An athletic contest is a classroom away from school and teaches as secondary goals the importance of wining versus losing and how to handle either outcome.   All pre-kindergarten through eighth grade student’s have the opportunity to participate, focusing on team unity, sportsmanship, skills development and fun.